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Dear Sponsor,

Business is also good. Advertising is not evil either. But this is not the place for them. xebersaati is not for advertising.

xebersaati is something special. It is like a library or a public park, storing millions of photos and videos for users to download completely free.

When I first created xebersaati, I could have turned it into a commercial company with banners, but then I decided to do something different. We’ve been working hard over the years to keep it clean. We use all the money we have to support our mission, and never waste a dime.

If each person reading this donates only 5$, we will only have to donate within one day per year. But not everyone can, or will, donate. And that’s fine. Every year just enough people decide to donate.

This year, think about donating $5,10,$15 or whatever you can to protect and keep xebersaati running

Sincerely thank,